• Digital ID now accepted for the sale alcohol on the Isle of Man

    Residents of the Isle of Man can now use Yoti ID, Post Office EasyID or Lloyds Bank Smart ID for the purchase of alcohol in pubs, clubs and off licences. This means you don’t have to worry about forgetting your ID and getting turned away. Or perhaps worse still, taking your ID document with you and losing it!. It’s an easier, privacy preserving and more secure way of proving your age. To show your Digital ID card simply: Open your chosen Digital ID app and tap the ‘card’ at the top Choose which details to share and enter your PIN

  • Illustration highlighting the use of the Digital ID Connect trustmark on a device

    The Trustmark is your guide to let you know you can use your Digital ID

    If you’re in the UK, you can use your Digital ID to pick up parcels at the Post Office and to prove your age at most cinemas and convenience stores. You can also use it to sign up for participating services online and to share details with other people. More and more businesses will be accepting Digital ID over the coming months. Just look out for the Trustmark and you can be sure, you’ll be able to use your Digital ID to prove your age or identity. 

  • Woman sat having discussion with coworker

    Speed up your right to work checks using Digital ID

    Thousands of employers and HR professionals have always been forced to spend hours of their day manually checking documents as part of the employee vetting process. It’s not only repetitive, tedious work for them, but also a far less productive process, with less candidates being checked. That’s where Digital ID right to work checks come in. Since 2022, the UK Home Office guidance has enabled the power of digital identity for Right to Work for UK and Irish citizens. Add a valid document to your Digital ID and complete Right to Work checks in seconds with thousands of employers. [vc_btn

  • Welcome screens from the 3 Digital ID Connect apps

    Digital ID Connect apps approved by the UK government

    Digital ID Connect apps are approved by the UK government as a proof of identity for right to work, right to rent and criminal records checks. Anyone who has started a job or rented somewhere new, knows the pain of identity verification. Now, with organisations who have partnered with us, you can use your Digital ID to complete the process in seconds, remotely. No need to take your passport on your first day of work or to the estate agent! Learn more

  • Someone eSigning a document with Yoti eSignatures

    Yoti Sign

    Yoti Sign is the biometric verified signing platform. It offers the convenience and simplicity of other e-signing platforms, but with the added security of biometric verification. Learn more

  • Someone receiving a lottery slip from a cashier

    Prove your age and buy Lottery tickets with Digital ID

    You can now use your Digital ID to prove your age when buying lottery tickets in over 31,000 locations, including Post Offices, Payzone locations and other convenience stores across the UK. When asked to prove your age, simply show your ID card in your Digital ID app. To buy a ticket, you only need to prove your age. You can protect your data by only showing your age to the retailer rather than sharing all of your details, like your full name and address. Just click Age or Date of Birth when prompted to do so on your Digital ID

  • Girl buying cinema tickets and showing her status as an over 15 with her Yoti ID

    Prove your age at the cinema with digital ID

    Digital ID is accepted at over 800 cinemas, giving you a quicker, safer way to prove your age and identity all on your phone. So no more worrying about where your passport is on your way into the latest movie – the only thing you’ll be leaving behind is that last-minute panic. Learn more

  • Woman showing her Post Office Easy ID to prove her identity to collect her parcel from the Post Office

    Pick up parcels at over 11,500 Post Offices

    You can now use your Digital ID to prove who you are when you collect your parcels at over 11,500 Post Offices. You can choose to get your parcels delivered to your local Post Office so you don’t need to worry about missing deliveries. No need for passports or driving licences, just use your Digital ID. Simply show the postmaster your credentials and you’re done!   Learn more

  • Man and woman sat next to their house-moving boxes using a laptop

    Update your address, find and cancel services when you move

    Moving to a new home is exciting. Updating your address everywhere is not. Monadd’s instant connections with services process the information right away, and for newly added services you get directly connected to them to start the address change process. You can add your services manually or discover them when connecting your Gmail account. In just 5 minutes, start changing address or cancelling services, like your utility provider, local council, monthly subscription box, gym and many more. By keeping your address up to date you: Avoid the risk of identity theft Reduce carbon footprint and paper waste from misdelivered

  • A woman called Elsa Jones showing her name and status as an over 18 on her Post Office Easy ID App

    Use Digital ID at all Payzone retailers today

    Securely verify who you are in all Payzone retailers using your Digital ID. With all your information stored in one place, it’s never been easier to prove your age and identity. You can use your Digital ID to buy National Lottery tickets, tobacco and energy drinks at over 24,000 Payzone retailers including Post Office branches across the UK. Simply tap your ID card in the app or scan the QR code to prove who you are. So, next time you visit a payzone store, you can leave your important ID documents at home.

  • Users hands holding smartphone

    Under 18? Report and remove images online

    In partnership with Childline. If you’re under 18 and a nude photo of you has been shared online, we can help you report it and get it removed from the internet*. You can use your digital ID as a confidential, safe way to prove who you are – without revealing your full identity. Create a Childline account, prove you’re under 18, then report your image so it can be reviewed and removed. Report an image *Please note that this service is only available in the United Kingdom

  • A collection of logos for brands who work with beCharge including netflix, xbox, EE, Spotify Premium, Playstation store, paysafecard, o2, Lycamobile and Zalando

    Sign up quickly through your Digital ID and enjoy instant delivery of digital content from beCHARGE

    Why not treat yourself or a loved one with popular digital content from more than 100 global brands. The beCHARGE range includes games, fashion, prepaid mobile recharge, e-money vouchers, music and TV from the most popular global brands including Apple, Google, Netflix, Spotify, Steam, Nintendo, Microsoft Xbox, Sony Playstation, Deezer, Paysafecard, Neosurf, Ticket Premium, Amazon, Bol, Adidas, Foot Locker, Reebok, Zalando, Proximus, Orange, Base, Lycamobile, Lebara and more! Get fast access by logging in directly with your Digital ID to have your digital code, voucher or gift card delivered to your pre-verified email address instantly!   [vc_btn title=”Shop