The new way to prove your ID

  • Join 4 million people in the UK with a Digital ID
  • Verify your IDs and encrypt them on your phone
  • Control what data you share with businesses

The fastest way to connect with genuine customers

What is Digital ID Connect?

Digital ID Connect is a network of reusable Digital ID apps that allow businesses and people to trust who they’re connecting with.

The network is built by Yoti, Post Office and Lloyds Bank to make the digital world easier and safer for everybody.

You can use your Digital ID wherever you see 
the Trustmark
You can use your Digital ID wherever you see 
the Trustmark

How Digital ID works

Verify once, use again and again

  1. Sign up

    Download app and set up your account.

  2. Encrypt your IDs

    Verified and encrypted on your phone.

  3. Share details

    Share only the details you need instead of your full ID.

Why use Digital ID?

  • Privacy-preserving

    Share what you need to instead of your full ID.

  • Secure

    Once your ID is verified, no one else can see your data – not even us.

  • In your hands

    Only you can share your data.

What can you do with Digital ID?

What can you do with Digital ID?

  • Buy age restricted items at convenience stores (excluding alcohol).
  • Prove your age at UK cinemas
  • Pick up mail at Post Office.
  • Buy lottery tickets at Post Office.
  • Prove your right to work for a new job
  • Sign up for services online with participating businesses.

Embrace the future of Digital ID


Control your data, sign up for services and trust who you connect with online.


Streamline onboarding, combat fraud and know your customers are genuine.