Digital ID for business

  • 3 interoperable apps
  • 1 network
  • A world of services and people to connect to
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Digital ID Connect

Digital ID Connect is a network of reusable Digital ID apps that allow businesses  and people to trust who they’re connecting with.

The network is built by Yoti, Post Office and Lloyds Bank to make the digital world easier and safer for everybody.

Why businesses choose Digital ID

  • Offload customer verification

    Customers with a Digital ID are already verified before they get to you. We guide them through the entire verification process, with live document feedback, in-app notifications and 24/7 support.

  • Mitigate fraud losses

    Unlock NFC verification, anti-spoofing technology, fraud prevention and jailbroken device detection – all in the palm of your customer’s hand.

  • Embrace the network effect

    Tap into a growing network of over 4 million who have downloaded a Digital ID.

Everything you need to protect your business and your customers

  • Free consumer app

    A verification tool in your customers hand.

  • High-level identity proofing

    Powered by NFC verification, automation and document specialists.

  • 24/7 customer support

    Plus live document feedback and in-app notifications.

  • Fraud signals

    Detect fraudulent documents, spoof attacks and repeat offenders.

  • Multi-factor authentication

    Every Digital ID is unique and is linked to a phone, a PIN and a face.

  • Data protection

    Secured with 256-bit encryption with the individual holding the key.

Three apps, many use cases

  • Customer onboarding

    Verified identity details shared and forms filled in a tap.

  • Proof of age

    Customers are in charge of proving their age to staff, lockers, self-checkouts, websites and apps.

  • Someone using a Digital ID Connect app


    If there’s suspicious account activity, ask customers to prove it’s them with a selfie.

  • Secure login

    Finally say goodbye to passwords and let customers sign in with an anonymised RememberMe ID or selfie.

  • Right to work and rent

    Receive proof of right to work and right to rent in the UK, certified by the government.

  • Digital credentials

    Issue, update and revoke employment or education credentials in real-time straight to someones phone.

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“Digital ID is an easy, convenient way for citizens to access the services they’re eligible for from the comfort of their own home. It allowed us to remove manual data entry and various steps from the account creation process. Citizens are also equipped with a secure way to log back into their account without passwords.”

Andrew Campbell
Head of Digital Public Services, Improvement Service

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