Man and woman sat next to their house-moving boxes using a laptop

Update your address, find and cancel services when you move

Moving to a new home is exciting. Updating your address everywhere is not.

Monadd’s instant connections with services process the information right away, and for newly added services you get directly connected to them to start the address change process.

You can add your services manually or discover them when connecting your Gmail account. In just 5 minutes, start changing address or cancelling services, like your utility provider, local council, monthly subscription box, gym and many more.

By keeping your address up to date you:

  • Avoid the risk of identity theft
  • Reduce carbon footprint and paper waste from misdelivered mail
  • Save 40+ hours of time and stress

    Save yourself a headache and get in control of your admin.

    How it works

    1. If you haven’t already, secure your Digital ID in this app.
    2. Click on the “Update your address” button.
    3. If on mobile, tap to share your Digital ID with the pre-verified details. If on desktop, use the QR code provided on this app to verify to share details.