Digital ID Connect Website Privacy Notice

1. What is it?

This privacy information covers the website and its associated pages or blog.

The website provides information on Digital ID Connect and its products and services, including blog posts. You can also use the website to contact us.

2. Information collection and use

We collect information from you through our website:

  • when you fill in any website ‘contact us’ form or use a specific email address we have provided;
  • when you provide your email address for specific purposes;
  • when you provide us with feedback; 
  • through cookies and analytics. 


Contact us form and email

The website contact form is aimed at corporate users and normally asks for your name, company, email address and a message.

We use this information to respond to your business query. The information provided in the contact form will be received by our Growth and Partnership Team who will make sure your query gets to the right person and is answered appropriately.

We provide different email addresses for help and support depending on your query.

  • for all general queries. Your emails go to our front of house, who will redirect them internally as appropriate for a response. 
  • for customer support. Your emails go to our Customer Support team.
  • for business enquiries and corporate customers. Your emails go to the senior members of our Growth and Partnerships Team.  
  • for developer support if you are using our SDK. Your emails go to our Customer Support team who will either respond directly or pass your query to the relevant team to provide the support you have requested.
  • for all queries for our Social Impact team.
  • for all privacy and data protection queries and rights requests. Your emails go directly to our data protection team.
  • to contact our Guardian Council members directly.


If you spam or attack our contact us form, we will keep your contact details so we can filter out any further contact from you. This is necessary to prevent damage to our systems caused by spamming. 



Corporate customers may opt in to receive our newsletter or marketing from us. Once subscribed, you can unsubscribe at any time by using the link in the email or by emailing us at


Providing your email or feedback

Our website may have opportunities to provide your email address so we can send you specific information, such as to register your interest in using a new product, to learn when businesses in your area accept Digital ID Connect, or to inform you when we launch a new product or feature. 

We may also have options to provide feedback on our products and services or register your interest in doing user testing.

We will provide appropriate information on personal information collection and use on the relevant page, or link to the relevant section in this privacy information. 

You can also provide feedback from within the apps. These feedback messages go to our Customer Support team who will redirect them internally where necessary.


App store buttons

Across our website and in communications sent through our platform we have app store buttons so you can click through to download the selected app.  

We have analytics tags attached to these buttons so we can collect statistics on how many people click through and where they clicked through from. We cannot connect these statistics to any identifiable user. 

3. Security, retention and data location

If you submit an enquiry via the contact form, the data you provide will be processed and stored by us for the purpose of responding to your request and to fulfil any follow up questions you may have. We will not pass on this data without your consent. 

Where we use other organisations to support our business, we have contract terms in place that contain obligations on the other organisation to safeguard your information. 

If we decide or are obliged to send or store your personal information in another country, we will update the section below to describe the protections we have put in place.


Customer Support

We use Salesforce for Customer Support queries. We keep queries for six months.

Salesforce may store and process data in the US. You can read more about Salesforce here:


Growth and Partnerships including Marketing

We use Hubspot and Salesforce to collect and manage corporate customer contact details, including sending marketing emails. We keep your details whilst we are in contact with you and when you are our customer. We review inactive contacts after two years.

Hubspot stores and processes data in the US. You can read more about Hubspot here:

4. Your rights and choices

We may have your personal information in different parts of our business depending on your interaction with us through our website. Please make any rights requests to If you can also set out the different interactions you have had with us, that will help us find your information more quickly.


Access rights

You are entitled to know what personal information we hold about you and to receive a copy of it. In most cases this will be information you have provided us through our websites or social media channels.


Adjust analytics

As set out in the ‘Analytics’ section, we get Advertising IDs from Adjust along with event information such as ‘installed app’, ‘completed registration’ and so on. If you want to access this information about your device, you will need to provide us with the Advertising ID from your phone, as that is the only way we can search for the information.


In-house analytics

The information we collect is de-identified and aggregated and it is not possible to search or get the information using your name or your phone’s identifiers (for example, the IMEI number which is like a serial number for your phone). So we cannot provide you with this information as it is not linked to you specifically.


Correction rights

You are entitled to correct personal information we hold about you that is inaccurate.


Deletion rights

In certain circumstances you are entitled to ask us to delete the personal information we hold about you.

This right is unlikely to apply in the context of most of our websites and social media channels. 


Objection rights

In certain circumstances you are entitled to object to Yoti processing your personal information.

This right is most likely to apply to direct marketing we send you. You will always be able to object to any marketing in every message and if you do so we will add you to our suppression list to make sure we do not contact you again.


Restriction rights

In certain circumstances you are entitled to ask us to restrict our processing of your personal information.

You can ask us to do this if:

  • you dispute the accuracy of your personal information; 
  • our processing is unlawful but you prefer restriction to deletion;  
  • we no longer need the information but you need it for legal reasons; or 
  • you have objected to our processing and we are still dealing with this objection.

If you want to contact us about your restriction rights, please email:


Portability rights

In certain circumstances you are entitled to receive the personal information you have provided us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.

This right is most likely to apply to information you have provided:

  • so we can respond to you or provide you with the information you have asked for; 
  • as feedback for user testing;
  • so we can deliver the website features you want to use.


Complain to the ICO

You can also complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) who is responsible for making sure that organisations comply with the law on handling personal information.

5. Analytics

Understanding how people use our website is essential. We need to know what’s working, and what isn’t, so we can improve. As a business, we need to know how many people are using them, where they are in the world, and which aspects are most popular.

We collect information about your device and your use of our website using third-party analytics. We de-identify and aggregate the information we collect so we can’t identify you personally. Unlike most other companies, we don’t build individual profiles of the people who use our websites. We simply look for trends and patterns to inform business decisions. 



These track activity on the website such as when a user completes an activity (for example, clicking through, completing a web form, downloading the app). We use this information for things like determining which platform users come to Digital ID Connect from, understanding what actions users take once they arrive at Digital ID Connect, and attributing leads back to ad campaigns.

For more information, please see:


Google Tag Manager (GTM)

We use this to connect the pixels and trackers from advertising networks and channels to the website. If you arrive at our website from a particular platform that we advertise on, GTM allows us to understand where you came from so we can determine which adverts are more successful at bringing people to the website. GTM also allows us to understand if you went on to complete an action on the website, such as downloading the app. 


Google Analytics

We collect the following information when you use our website.

  • IP address (truncated to country or city level)
  • Browser type and version. 
  • Operating system. 
  • Length of visit, page views, website navigation and any other related browsing activity.

For more information you can read Google’s overview of privacy and safeguarding data. To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites, visit



We use the CRM and marketing automation system HubSpot. This assists with the efficient and rapid processing of user enquiries and the optimisation of our website.

HubSpot helps us in particular to efficiently provide the following aspects of the website:

  • Analysis and marketing
  • Newsletter marketing / provision of downloads
  • Contact management (e.g. user segmentation & CRM)
  • Landing pages and contact forms on the website



We use this performance and analysis technology on our website where there is an app store button or other click through to install the app. This allows us to track and analyse which marketing channels or sources, and which adverts, are producing the best results in directing users to download the app, and to help us understand how users are using the app.


Contact Us 

There are many different ways to contact Yoti if you wish to exercise your privacy rights or make a complaint, the main ones are listed below.





Postal Address: 

Data Privacy Team

Yoti Ltd

6th Floor, 107 Leadenhall St, London, EC3A 4AF 

6. What’s new

We will use this section to update you on what is new in this privacy notice. This is the first version of the Digital ID Connect Privacy Notice.